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Eye Exams for CBS Residents

Thorough eye exams are recommended every year for contact lens wearers, and every two years for eyeglass wearers. Call our office today to arrange an eye exam with one of two optometrists on staff. Regular eye exams are especially important for diabetics and the aging population. If you notice abnormalities in your vision, please arrange an appointment with CBS Optical right away.

Office in Conception Bay

Scheduling eye exams in CBS for you and your family has never been easier! With our office conveniently located at 846 Conception Bay Hwy, CBS Optical Inc. is proud to offer a full range of optic health services to patients of all ages.

It all begins with eye exams—your eye doctor’s annual opportunity to chart your eyes’ health and wellbeing. From there, the two of you can create a treatment plan to help meet your ocular health needs perfectly. Whether you need eyewear or contact lenses, you can expect personalized service every step of the way when you choose us.

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